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Diving in again

diving board over a swimming pool

I didn’t necessarily expect 2023 to be the year I returned to freelancing. Two years ago, when I stepped away from freelancing and moved to a full-time writing gig, I felt relieved. I no longer had to manage my own schedule and wonder where my projects were coming from. I didn’t have to schedule client meetings or worry whether or not I was taking too much time off. Instead of juggling multiple small jobs, I just had one job to focus on and one place to report to.

But while I enjoyed these aspects of a full-time job, I also knew I’d return to freelancing again one day. It was always lingering in the back of my head, and thinking about my future career goals, it became clear that freelancing was really the only direction I wanted to move in. However, I knew I wanted to do some things differently my second time around.

For one, having better boundaries is a must for me. I think boundaries are always going to be a bit of a struggle — and I know being self-employed can bring even more complications — but setting up and writing out some guidelines for myself to follow is a good place to start.

Speaking of writing out guidelines, another thing I’m doing differently is treating my business like it’s an actual job. This means I'm showing up to it each day the way I would any other job. I’m also taking time to write out my business values, mission, and goals.

And last of all, investing in tools and education is another thing I’m doing this time around. Learning is what keeps me motivated, and spending any amount of time or money on courses or tools that help me run my business more effectively makes me take it all the more seriously.

So here we go — freelancing take two. While I’m not completely sure where this road will lead, I’m looking forward to this new chapter. As far as this blog goes, expect to see me sharing tips and tricks related to writing, creativity, and freelance life. I hope you'll follow along!


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