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Tips for reviving a dead blog

dead trees in a foggy forest

Yes, I may have leaned into spooky season with the title for this post. But as I’ve been pitching to potential clients, researching their companies and reviewing their websites, I’m finding a lot of blogs that have been left for “dead.” I’ve also done this countless times myself — started a blog and then completely abandoned it, too busy with other things to keep up.

So whether you're trying to revive a personal blog or one for your business, here are a few tips as you're getting started.

Start by going back

You may be eager to jump into creating new content, but first, start by looking at what you're working with. What type of content was being posted before? What types of posts had the most engagement? How often were posts being published? Jot down any insights you find or anything that sparks new ideas.

Have a plan in place

Look at the big picture and develop a plan before you even write your first post. What are your goals for reviving this blog? Who is your target audience? How often do you hope to publish new posts? Ask yourself these questions as you determine your expectations and put together a content calendar to follow.

Update old posts

This may not apply to a personal blog, but if you're updating a blog with a lot of evergreen content, go back and make sure posts are up to date with correct information. Make sure any hyperlinks still work and add any new links if relevant. In addition to updating information, you might want to update the layout of your posts. Are there a lot of big blocks of text? Look for places where it may make sense to add subheads or bullets for easier readability.

Be consistent (and reasonable)

Consistency is key, but you also need to be realistic. If you can't commit to writing or reviewing multiple blog posts per week, set a goal that’s manageable, like one post per week or one post every other week. You can always adjust and add more as time goes on.

Share your posts

Last but certainly not least, share your blog posts! Post them on your social channels and include links to them in your email newsletters. You want people to read them after all!

Now let's hope I take my own advice and don't let this blog die!

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